Title: Al Fondo Hay Sitio / There's Room at the End

Episodes: 1000+ (8 Seasons)

Genre: Telenovela, Series, Comedy

Sinopsis: The show deals with both problems of social differences and economic status between two families, the Gonzalez and the Maldini. It is the most popular show in the history of Peruvian Television and has now aired in several countries in Latin America. 

Title: Amor de Madre / A Mother's Love

Episodes: 80 x 1 hr

Genre: Telenovela, Series

Sinopsis: Amor de Madre tells the story of the most important heroine of our country,: the Peruvian mother. A mother who dreams of having a family, giving her kids the best life and having a very successful career. We follow the story of four mothers and one woman who has always dreamed of being a mother.  

Title: Amores Que Matan / Lovers that Kill

Episodes: 39 x 1 hr (stand-alone episodes)

Genre: Series

Sinopsis: Monica Sanchez will show us the realities we are not accustomed to see, situations that reach the limits and all inspired by true stories. This series of stand alone episodes will not show stories of love, passion and despair. Amores Que Matan seeks to portray reality of daily life in our society full of insecurity, violence and mistreatment that is all too common.


Title: Esperanza / Hope

Episodes: 106 x 1 hr

Genre: Telenovela, Series

Sinopsis: Leo and Elena are a young married couple who decide to migrate to the capital with three beautiful daughters: Maria Esperanza, Maria Soledad and Maria Paz in search of opportunity and a better quality of life. But one day all of Leo’s dreams vanish, Elena decides to leave her family and Leo is unjustly imprisoned, leaving their young daughters orphans, each adopted by different families. After some years, Leo regains his freedom and is hoping to reunite his whole family. 


Title: Mi Amor el Wachiman / My Love the Watchman

Episodes: 30 x 1 hr (Season 1), 75 x 1 hr (Season 2), 30 x 1 hr (Season 3)

Genre: Series, Comedy

Sinopsis: After the earthquake in the city of Pisco, Salvador Gutiérrez and his family moved to the capital, Lima. After failing to find work, Salvador meets Daniel, known as "Duke", who recommends him to be a security guard (watchman). Daniel works as a security guard but is actually a criminal with unscrupulous habits and eventually becomes the main villain of the story. Salvador meets Catalina, who he saves from an attempted rape. Catalina is a girl from a wealthy family and very rebellious, at first she cannot stand Salvador since his father hired him as a personal bodyguard. However, eventually they fall in love, causing her parents to prohibit Catalina from having a relationship, because Salvador does not belong to the same social economic class. On the other hand, Duke, who hates the couple will make their lives impossible. However, Salvador and Catherine will fight for their love.

Title: Mis Tres Marías / My Three Daughters

Episodes: 80 x 1 hr

Genre: Telenovela, Series

Sinopsis: Leo and Elena are a young couple who decide to move to the capital with their three beautiful daughters: Maria Esperanza, Maria Soledad and Maria Paz, in hopes to find a better quality of life. Unity and love were the pillars that held this family together. One day all of Leo’s dreams would vanish, he finds a note from Elena saying she is abandoning them and then he is wrongfully accused of a crime and put in jail. Their three young daughters are all left as orphans and quickly adopted to different families. After some years Leo is released and determined to find and unite his family once again. 


Title: Solamente Milagros / Only Miracles

Episodes: 54 x 1 hr (stand-alone episodes)

Genre: Series

Sinopsis: Stories inspired by true events and the daily lives of Peruvian society. Stories that have affected all of us and still affect us becuase they all consists of an extraordinary event: a miracle. 

Title: Solo Una Madre / Only a Mother 

Episodes: 90 x 1 hr

Genre: Telenovela

Sinopsis: Tells the story of Lucero, a humble young mother who falls in love with a young man in New York. And Marjorie, a young, rich and conceited woman, who like Lucero, is also expecting a baby with her husband Felipe. 


Title: Valiente Amor / Brave Love

Episodes: 80 x 1 hr

Genre: Telenovela, Series

Sinopsis: The story revolves around the life of Rita and Gerardo, a couple who fall in love in the beautiful landscapes of Cusco. However their love will end abruptly when sudden news breaks both of their dreams. After they split, we learn that Rita had a daughter with Gerardo, Valentina, and decides to never tell him about her existence. Years later, Valentina meets Alejandro, a handsome young man from Lima, who will be captivated by her. Initiating a series of situations which will gradually start to discover the truths that might hurt them. 

Title: Ven Baila Quinceañera / Sweet Sixteen

Episodes: 60 x 1 hr (Season 1), *Season 2 in production

Genre: Telenovela, Series

Sinopsis: Turning fifteen years old is a huge event, Rosy, Camila and Viviana know this more than anyone. Three teens of different social classes, will compete in a popular television show. Each with the intention of becoming the best young dancer and get title of being crowned Quinceañera. It will be a hard competition,  but no more than facing and overcoming the problems of being a teen.